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Tettet Faustino Manese

Fashion Designer* Wedding Planner

*Flower Arranger

Worry no more , put the worry on my shoulder my twenty years of experience

Will give you that dream wedding you have been planning for all your life.


For Coordination :

From licensing to Honeymoon * 50,000 K

Halfway Coordinating* 25,000 K

One day coordination * 5,000 K


Wedding Package for Wedding Apparels:


Package A: 15,000 K –Satin Bridal gown (w/complete accessories) 7 pcs Long gowns

for the ladies entourage, 2 flower girls, 2 mother’s gown, Jusi Barong and Pants for the Groom


  Package B :25,000 K – Duchess Satin Bridal gown(w/complete accessories) 7 pcs Long

gown for the ladies entourage,2 flower girls,2 mother’s gown

Pina Jusi Barong and Wool pants for the Groom


Package C : 50,000 K- Gazaar or Combination of Duchess and Metallic Organza for    

The Bridal Gown (with complete accessories)

7 pcs.Long Gowns for the entourage , 2 flower girls

2 mother’s gown ,Pina Barong and wool linen Pants for the Groom


Contact Person: Tettet Faustino Manese

119 J.Fernando St.Pasay City

Contact Numbers : 556-10-67 * 09182144631   

E-Mail Address : tgfm_1653@yahoo.com  


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